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May I receive communion?

All baptized Christians, no matter the denomination in which you were baptized, are welcome to receive communion.

You may receive both kinds (bread and wine) or only bread. Both are considered full communion.

Gluten-free wafers are available. Please let the priest know when you are at the altar rail.

How do I become a member?

It all begins with your baptism. If you were baptized in the Episcopal Church or another Christian denomination, you may become a member of Good Shepherd. We consider you already members of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. The Episcopal Church believes in one baptism, and does not rebaptize except in cases where the original baptism lacks the trinitarian formula.

To become an Episcopalian, you must be either confirmed or received by a bishop. Being confirmed means you were baptized as an infant or child, and are now making an adult profession of faith. To be received means that you have already made a mature affirmation of faith in another Christian denomination and wish to be received into membership in the Episcopal Church.

Physically challenged Driver

Is the church wheelchair friendly?

This historic church, built in 1931, unfortunately is not wheelchair friendly. However, a ramp is available into the parish house, where the service is livestreamed, and communion will be brought to you. An ADA-compliant restroom is available there as well. Several of our parishioners use canes and walkers, and are able to enter the historic church through the door closest to the parish house. Ushers are always available to assist anyone as needed.

Where should I park?

A small parking lot is available behind the church  with five handicapped spaces and three church visitor spots. Parking is also available on the street. 

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May I use your space for a special event?

We often get requests from the public to use our historic church for weddings. Please contact our rector to discuss your wedding.

Ballenger Hall, located in the parish house, is available for rent. Please contact the parish office for details.

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