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Our purpose at The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd is to be a community of Christian Faith whose members are empowered by the Holy Spirit, nourished in sacramental worship, united to one another in bonds of love and compassionate care, and formed into the living members of the body of Christ sent forth in witness to the hope of the Gospel by our ministry and outreach in the world.


  • Worship: We are empowered by the Holy Spirit through our sacramental worship.

  • Fellowship: We are united in Christ’s love of us and our love for one another.

  • Pastoral Care: We show forth our love towards one another through compassionate caring.

  • Christian Formation: We are equipped for our faith and ministry through our Christian formation.

  • Ministry & Outreach: We are sent forth in witness to the hope of the Gospel by our ministry and outreach in the world.

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It's the small house

There on the corner

Safely nestles beneath the branches

Which offer their shade

Its doors will open and welcome

All who wish to enter.

You will not stand in awe of its splendor,

But will know the peace in its tranquility.

You will find strength.

You will be renewed.

You can listen in the quiet moments

And hear that which you need to know.

You will be fed in this house

And hunger for more,

But when you leave,

You will be filled,

Filled with the Spirit

From the house of God.

- Anonymous

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Sunday Bulletin
Printed weekly during normal (non-pandemic) times, the Sunday Bulletin disseminates information and offers opportunities for participation in church and community events. The servers' schedules for the present Sunday and following Sunday are provided for altar guild, chalice, lector, greeters, and counters. The weekly prayer list is printed on a separate page so members can use it in their daily prayer practices. During the pandemic, the prayer list is e-mailed to members.

Church Website
Provides information to church members and potential members. Specifically, the website provides a calendar of events, servers' schedules, worship services, Christian Formation, visitor information, community service, history, church contact and upcoming events. Information from the diocese is also provided. Finally, the website provides a link which allows members to make their pledge by using online giving.

The church administrator sends emails to the congregation for notification of illness, deaths and needs of church members,  as well as reminders of upcoming events.   

Pandemic Newsletters
Since the beginning of the pandemic and the suspension of physical church services, the church administrator sends a pandemic newsletter to the congregation generally every week. These newsletters inform the congregation on the status of the transition progress and include encouraging articles from our parish priest and vestry members. Those members without technology capabilities are mailed the newsletter.

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