Not everyone is personally equipped or willing to do all aspects of pastoral care. With a team structure people can select which aspects of care they feel called to do. With this support we are enabled to serve our parishioners and grow spiritually.

The structure is simple; our priest takes care of spiritual concerns that are brought to our attention. Sue Hands-Renwick coordinates other pastoral needs and lay leaders build their own teams serving in areas such as:

  • Friendly visitors: Providing companionship and possibly doing errands, literally things that a friend would do.

  • Meals in a crisis: Providing meals during an illness, after discharge from hospital or after a birth or death in the home.

  • Driving Angels: Could you pick up someone and bring them to church? Could you drive someone to an appointment? If your answer is “yes” then the recipients of your grace will certainly call you an angel.

  • Card Ministry: Cards for all occasions. A simple way of letting people know they are being thought of, primarily birthdays and anniversaries but other occasions too.

  • Funeral Receptions: Willingness to provide refreshments for funerals and memorial services.

Please contact if you would like to become involved in Pastoral Care.